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(438) 943-4855 (see calendar for hours)

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(438) 943-4855 (see calendar for hours)

(438) 943-4855

2023-2024 Discretionary Funding Applications are open

Word Version of Application Form

We are able to fund events and projects related to our mission with discretionary funds. Fund contributions are intended to increase access to material resources while demonstrating solidarity with community groups.

  • We review requests at the last coordinator meeting of each month during the academic year. Summer application submissions (May, June, July, and August) will not be reviewed until late September.
  • It is strongly suggested to apply at least a month in advance of when the funds are needed, and we cannot guarantee that applications with a shorter time frame will receive the funds in time.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to offer funding for groups, organizations, projects, or events, not individuals. At SACOMSS we would love to be able to give funding to projects that are not explicitly aligned with an official group. We believe this would be a better anti-oppressive practice. At the time being, all funding must be approved by the Students’ Society of McGill University and we must comply with their conditions.
  1. The funding requests must align with SACOMSS’ anti-oppressive, non-judgemental mandate, but they do not have to explicitly address issues of sexual violence.
  2. Support local actions, projects, or movements (or connect local movements to global ones).
  • Face barriers to accessing other forms of funding.
  • Focus on accessibility when organizing projects and events (see below for Accessibility Resources).
  • An organization can request a maximum of $500 per application, but exceptions can be made in some circumstances. If your organization is interested in funding greater than $500, please email 

Disbursement: The funds will be deposited via direct deposit.

The Yellow Door
Medical Herstory
Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP)

Please contact our finance coordinators at if you have questions or need assistance with the application.

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