COVID-19 UPDATE (March 13 2020): Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the closure of McGill’s campus, SACOMSS drop-in and phone line services will be temporarily suspended from March 14, 2020 to March 29, 2020. If you require support, please consider contacting the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre at +1 888-933-9007 or texting the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 686868. Please reach out to main@sacomss.org if you have any questions or concerns

During the ongoing SSMU building closure, our office and drop-in centre has been moved to the ground floor of 680 Sherbrooke.

On this page, you will find brief summaries of each of our services.

More information about us can be found on the “about us” tab, as well as on each of the branch’s respective pages, which can be found by hovering over the “services” tab and then selecting the branch which best suits your needs.

DIAL (Drop-in and Line)

Our hotline can be reached by phone at (514)-398-8500.

DIAL is a confidential, non-judgmental sexual assault helpline and walk-in service, providing listening and support to survivors, their peers, and their allies. DIAL is open to the public, free of charge, and currently offered in English. Referrals to other Montreal services, including sexual health clinics, counseling services, and sexual rights organizations, are available for survivors, if desired.

Phone and drop-in hours  are suspended until March 29, 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Our drop-in centre is located on the ground floor of 680 Sherbrooke.  You can access the room by walking through the lobby of 680 Sherbrooke and through the glass doors. The drop-in centre is the first door on the left. The building is wheelchair accessible. There are no gender-neutral bathrooms in 680, but there are some located in 688 Sherbrooke.    

Advocacy (A-Branch)

The A-Branch supports McGill students, staff, and faculty in navigating McGill’s Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination Prohibited by law. We cannot offer legal advice; however, we can offer information, accompaniment, and a safe space to explore your options. Whether you have a complaint or just have questions, we are here to support you.

McGill’s Sexual Harassment Policy: 


For more information, or to file a complaint:
(514) 398-8500

Support Groups (SG) (la version française suit)

Support groups offer support to survivors of sexual assault in small groups for their ongoing healing and empowerment. Support Groups is currently available to the English and French – speaking Montreal community. Meetings are confidential and free of charge. Three to ten members meet weekly with trained co-facilitators in a physically accessible, confidential location near McGill’s downtown campus.

Cette branche offre des groupes de soutien au survivant.es de violences sexuelles en petits groupes pour favoriser la guérison et ainsi que l’autonomisation (empowerment). Il y a des groupes en anglais et en français ouvert à la communauté Montréalaise. Les rencontres sont confidentielles et gratuites. De 3 à 10 membres se retrouvent chaque semaine avec des facilitateur.ices formé.es dans un lieu accessible et confidentiel à proximité du campus de McGill.

For more information, or to join a support group: http://www.sacomss.org/wp/services/support-groups/
(514) 398-8500

Pour plus d’informations et pour vous joindre à un groupe:
(514) 398-8500 (veuillez noter que nous ne pouvons garantir que la personne vous répondra en français)


The Outreach Branch is a proactive service that aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding sexual assault and consensual sex through facilitated discussions with youth and community groups. Through our workshops, we debunk myths, confront taboos, and foster dialogue about healthy, consensual relationships.

For more information, or to book a workshop:
(514) 398-8500

If you would like to give anonymous feedback on any of our services, please do no hesitate to leave us a message here. Please be aware that we are unable to reply to this form. If you have had any negative experiences using our services, please reach out to ombuds@sacomss.org. We want to resolve this and hear about what happened.