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(438) 943-4855 (see calendar for hours)

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(438) 943-4855

Thank you for your interest in joining SACOMSS! To volunteer with SACOMSS, you must first train with a specific branch.

Training dates and times vary with each branch. Regardless of branch, training will total 30-40 hours (varying with each branch). Please reach out to the branch you are most interested in to find out more information about the next training date. For more information on each branch, please visit their pages.

Time commitment varies with each branch. While training itself is quite a commitment, it is a fun and transformative learning experience filled with great people and thought-provoking conversations, and our volunteers tell us that they grow, both personally and politically, from the training and find the support and advocacy work to be very important and rewarding. If you are concerned about your ability to commit to training and/or volunteering, please contact the respective branch.

If you are interested in training to volunteer for one of our services, please visit their branch page and contact them directly for information on their interview and training process.

Note: You do NOT have to be a McGill student to volunteer with us!

You can also contact us to subscribe to our LISTSERV or ‘like’ our Facebook page for updates on our events, volunteer opportunities / trainings, community news of interest, and more.

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