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(438) 943-4855 (see calendar for hours)

This is the official SACOMSS logo.

(438) 943-4855 (see calendar for hours)

(438) 943-4855

When you call our number, a volunteer (if one is available) will pick up. Talk to them about whatever is on your mind: we’re here to listen. You can ask questions about SACOMSS services, ask for information about other organisations in Montreal, or simply talk. You will guide the conversation and our volunteers are there to listen and provide support to you as a survivor or ally.

Volunteers are trained in active listening, which is a technique to express concern and support for the caller by being attentive to what they would like to share with us. We validate and express interest, concern, and empathy. We are not trained in, and therefore cannot offer crisis intervention, counseling, or therapy. We offer a non-directional service, which means that we do not advise, analyse, or interview the caller.

If you are not able to call through during our operating hours, the volunteer on shift may already be in a call– please try calling back in 10-15 minutes.

When calling into our DIAL phone line ( (438) 943-4855 ), your phone number may be seen by our volunteers. Of course, your phone call is confidential, so it will never be shared without your consent. However, if you’re uncomfortable with our volunteers seeing your phone number, please consult the instructions below for instructions on how to hide your caller ID.

  1. If you are calling on a cellphone: type #31# before our number, so call #31#438-943-4855
  2. If you are calling on a landline phone: type *67 before our number, so call *67438-943-4855

If the previous ways didn’t work for you, you can also try changing the settings on your iPhone or Android. Please note that all of the calls you make after the changes will have a hidden caller ID. Please make sure to undo the changes if you don’t want to keep your caller ID hidden!

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on Phone.
  3. Click on Show My Caller ID.
  4. Toggle the switch to show or hide your caller ID.
  1. Click on the Phone app.
  2. Select the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Tap on Call settings or Settings.
  4. Scroll down the page and choose More Settings or Other call settings.
  5. Press Show My Caller ID.
  6. Choose Hide number or Never.

When your caller ID is hidden, your call shows up as “unknown” on our end, as shown in the picture.

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