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(438) 943-4855 (see calendar for hours)

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(438) 943-4855 (see calendar for hours)

(438) 943-4855

We’re hiring!

We are hiring a Finance Coordinator!

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Finance Coordinator is to manage the financial workings of SACOMSS. This includes creating a budget, managing payroll, liaising between SACOMSS and SSMU. This position runs from September 1st to May 31st . 

  1. Attend General Meetings twice a month 
  2. Respond to emails and deal with any problems in a timely manner
  3. Create a monthly discretionary funding report and hold a vote for this funding monthly.
  4. Create a yearly budget and monitor expenses throughout the year
  5. Work with SSMU to create job contracts and to submit invoices as needed
  6. Check in with SACOMSS staff to ensure that they understand all aspects of the hiring process and employment (filling in the hiring package, contract, dayforce, etc)
  7. Manage payment requests (invoices, petty cash, cheque requests)
  8. Handle requests for discretionary funding
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