Drop-In and Line

If you require immediate support, please consider contacting the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre at +1 888-933-9007 or texting the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 686868. Please reach out to sacomss@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns

The DIAL hotline service has been temporarily moved to zoom. Information on how to call in, along with the updated weekly hours can be found on our homepage.

Meeting ID: 288 646 9362

Passcode: tpXB29

DIAL operates a confidential, non-judgemental sexual assault helpline and drop-in service, providing listening and non-directional support to survivors and their allies. DIAL is open to the public and free-of-charge. Currently, we can only guarantee services in English, although some volunteers can speak French. We can provide referrals to other Montreal services, including sexual health clinics, counseling services, and sexual rights organizations if desired.

General Helpline Hours:

DIAL services are typically provided Monday – Friday between 12PM – 9 PM, though exact hours vary by week. We try to keep our line open during these hours, but if you call and there is no answer, please try calling back later. Detailed Helpline & Drop-In hours (updated weekly) can be found on the homepage or on our Facebook. Due to Covid-19, SACOMSS phone services are currently running with limited and irregular hours.

What To Expect When You Call the Hotline

When you call the DIAL line, a volunteer (if one is available)  will pick up the phone. Talk to them about whatever is on your mind: we’re here to listen. You can ask questions about SACOMSS services, ask for referrals to other organizations in Montreal, or simply talk. You will guide the conversation and our volunteers are there to listen and provide support to you as a survivor or ally. 

What To Expect When You Drop-In 

When you come for a drop-in, two volunteers will invite you into the office. Volunteers will offer you something to drink and do their best to make you feel comfortable. If you are comfortable with the volunteers doing so, they will close the door so your drop-in will not be interrupted. During a drop-in, like in a call, you can talk about whatever is on your mind. Feel free to ask questions about SACOMSS, referrals, or simply talk. We’re here to listen. You can also browse our library or look through our pamphlets and zines. You can stay for as long or as short as you like (although if volunteer’s shifts end, they may have to leave). 

How Do I Get Involved?

Training runs annually every September/October and sometimes in January/February. Please contact us by email at dial@sacomss.org or check out our event on Facebook for details about our next training.

Where is the SACOMSS Office?

Our office is located in 680 Sherbrooke, Suite 150. When you enter 680 Sherbrooke, proceed straight through the frosted glass doors. Once through the glass doors, the SACOMSS office will be on your left. The frosted doors lock after 6pm. If you are locked outside, please knock or call 514-398-8500. We are currently in the process of installing a doorbell to directly notify the SACOMSS office of drop-ins.