*If you require immediate accompaniment or assistance for a hospital or police station visit, please email or call the drop-in line (during shift hours) to be connected to a volunteer. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the capacity to respond immediately. We will attempt to respond and offer services to recent survivors as soon as possible.

An on-call crisis counsellor from the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre may be dispatched to you. Contact 514 933 9007* 

What is the Advocacy Branch? 

The A-Branch offers Advocacy and Accompaniment services to survivors of sexual violence in Montreal. These services are offered regardless of one’s race, sexuality, gender, profession, or affiliation with McGill University. We ensure that the rights of survivors are respected when seeking support and recourse for sexual violence as well as address their needs as individuals where possible.

We cannot offer legal advice; however, we can offer information, accompaniment, and a safe space to explore your options. Whether you have a complaint or just have questions, we are here to support you.

How Can the A-Branch Help Me? 

McGill’s Sexual Violence Policy (SVP):

Volunteers have a strong knowledge of the SVP and can assist you in navigating the complaint procedure. They can attend meetings with the Special Investigator with you, help you establish academic accommodations, request administrative immediate measures related to your safety on campus, and sign the transcript of your report on your behalf.

Other Policies & Procedures: 

The A-Branch was designed specifically to assist survivors while filing formal complaints through the McGill Sexual Violence Policy and Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law. Volunteers are also available to help with the formal complaint process for other organizations and institutions, if relevant, and will conduct the necessary research to do so.


Volunteers are available to explain and accompany survivors to…

Resource Referral: 

SACOMSS has knowledge of many resources available in Montreal and online. They are organized by topic and include support for a diverse range of issues and identities. They are audited and we are able to help you find one that is accessible and open to you as an individual.

Extra Support: 

Even if you are unsure whether the A-Branch can assist you, we encourage you to ask! Volunteers are available to simply meet with survivors to explore their options and offer active listening. Simply send an email to schedule a meeting.

A-Branch Volunteers have assisted survivors in a variety of ways that have included:

  • Providing meals
  • Filing protection orders for survivors
  • Seeking information from McGill Security Services
  • Helping individuals move apartments
  • Emailing professors to ask for academic accommodations after an assault
  • Writing complaint letters for individuals that have been mistreated by other organizations and health centres
  • Increasing home security
  • Writing opinion pieces and open letters

How Do I Get Involved?

Training times may vary, but are usually held once a year either in September/October, January/February, or April/May. Please contact us for details about our next training.

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