At SACOMSS, we have a library of about 120 books. They range from being about sexual violence generally to being about specific issues such as childhood sexual trauma or the experience of being in a violent domestic partnership.

We also have books on sexuality, activism, feminism and other topics related to our anti-oppressive mandate.

To see our selection you can go to this website:

To borrow a book, feel free to stop by our Centre during drop-in hours. You could also email to verify that a title is available or set up a way to exchange the book outside of DIAL hours.

Don’t see a book you’d love to borrow? 

Let us know! We are happy to keep updating the library and can usually get a book within a couple days! Additionally, we share resources with the Union for Gender Empowerment and Eating Disorder Resource and Support Centre. They may have a book that we don’t and we can help you get it!

Here is the Google Form for any suggestions: